First and foremost, your first showing is always online! In order to get a potential buyer to click through photos, mark it a favorite and book a showing appointment we always do professional photos! With limited time and recent travel issues, some buyers can not see all possible homes and professional photos make our listings rise above the rest. It is our goal to help your house be a standout so we schedule pre-listing meetings to suggest the best ways to get your home ready to go to market – we can assist with advising which updates are needed to optimize return, suggest and help line up repairs/cleaning services, assist getting home ready for photographs through staging and more!

We also will ensure, by doing a comprehensive market analysis, that your property is strategically priced so that you are competitive with the current market and price trends.

Once your home is market ready we will follow our proven strategy for effectively marketing and selling your property. Our marketing philosophy focuses on the most efficient and creative means of marketing to potential buyers. This includes the marketing of your property to all active Realtors in Bryan-College Station, targeting potential buyers through the use of advertising and marketing directly to our own potential buyers with whom we are working. We do all of these at no “Transaction Cost” to our sellers. Please be aware that other local Realtors may charge a transaction cost on their listings to cover the cost of photographs, advertising and other miscellaneous costs – ask before you list!

We will work with you to present your home in a way that displays your home’s most important features to potential buyers. Additionally, we will communicate regularly with showing feedback and market update.

Marketing to Active Realtors

Your property will be immediately listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database thereby making pertinent information on your property available to over 1,100 active Realtors in the Bryan-College Station area and our listings also are uploaded to HAR (Houston Association of Realtors).

We will work with your schedule and put your property on Realtor’s tour at the earliest opportunity. Realtor’s tour allows Realtors to preview your home without having to make an appointment. It is a great chance for Realtors to see the various features and amenities that your home has to offer. We will also work with you to determine Open House options. In addition, will post and promote new listings on the private Keller Williams Facebook page and private Official Realtors page.

Marketing On-Line

Now more than ever, on-line marketing tools are the most effective means to reaching potential buyers. More and more buyers are buying homes without stepping foot inside the home. Therefore, our goal is to saturate all of the websites where buyers access property information. Our local MLS is an internet based system and the official public site is, that directly feeds popular sites like Zillow. We also have the power of the Keller Williams Listing Service that uploads listing content to hundreds of additional sites and search engines worldwide. The Corrier Group has an established website that features all of our listings and routinely reaches over 1,000 unique users per month. We can also provide private video showings/tours as needed.

Social media plays a big role in our marketing strategy and by having a presence on Facebook (follow us at The Corrier Group) and Instagram (corriergroup.kellerwilliams) we reach and engage with a large audience.

Targeting Potential Buyers

With over 60 years of combined experience in the local real estate market we have developed a large client base and will work diligently to show your property to any buyer in your price range.

We are some of the most experienced and productive Realtors in Bryan-College Station and in 2019 were ranked as the Top Group in Keller Williams Brazos Valley (KW was ranked #1 in B-CS in dollar volume) and we were ranked 3rd in the entire Southwest Texas Region of Keller Williams. In addition to marketing your property to buyers with whom we are working, we will also inform and encourage the other brokers/realtors at Keller Williams and other brokerages to show your property to their potential buyers.

Throughout every step we pledge that we will communicate our marketing efforts to you and provide feedback from prospective buyers and agents that have visited your home.

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